Moonshine Jungle Tour - July 10th, 2013

Tonight.. tonight..

I just still have no words, surprisingly I didn’t cry while I was there.. I kind of just broke down 30 minutes ago when I thought of it. Bruno was beyond amazing, like you always have this certain idea of how good he’s gonna sing but he topped that for me, HE DID NOT miss a beat, step, note, he didn’t choke, or even look like he was going to do anything of that sort he was honestly perfect. I was in a crowd full of amazing people, every time I looked to my left and right I just seen hands clapping, people dancing, smiling just literally so happy. But, I do have to say that the happiest person in that fucking arena tonight was Bruno himself. He was so humble and goofy and a sweetheart throughout the entire show even in between when he would talk to us. “HEY COLUMBUS, I THINK I WANNA MARRY YOU” The most emotional part for me is the breaks and pauses in between his songs where he would just look around to everyone just screaming and he would stand there for a few moments just smiling and kind of nodding his head like “Man for me?” And that SMILE, THAT SMILE ON HIS FACE, I will never ever forget it because it was so genuine and real like you can feel his happiness rawly and it just made me super super happy and I was just screaming “BRUNO I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU”  Natalie was AMAZING, RUNAWAY BABY WAS SO FUN, Our First Time and Candy Rain got me all emotional but Bruno’s junk in those damn dress pants made me so weak I could not keep in my noises and screams like I was into that shit and it was so hard not to be. Show Me was literally all about his hips I couldn’t stand it like he moves so fucking smooth almost like he’s not even human I DONT FUCKING GET IT. THE CROWD SINGING BACK WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD TO LOOK AROUND AND SEE THE LIGHTS AND THEN HIM JUST SINGING HIS HEART OUT I WAS SO SHAKY. We’re not gonna talk about Gorilla because Gorilla and you need to see this video so you can hear the fucking note he let out that literally ruined my fucking life. THE GUYS, THE BAND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM ARE PERFECT. John’s piano solo was so beautiful and I was the only one standing in my section when everyone sat down. My favorite part of the night was Grenade I felt that song in every part of me and the special ending (which I’m sure most of you know I love next to It Will Rain) was like boom in my fucking face and I was literally the only person who could sing along to the “That’s what I’d DOooOOOoOO” and “Throw my hand on a razor blade for yA” parts.. which made me feel so fucking good. JTWYA was beautifully perfect especially since A LOT and I mean A LOT of people honestly thought it was his last song and I had to tell the girls that we’re sitting behind me that he was going to have a encore luckily they believed me. There was a couple that left almost as soon as he started JTWYA and it was kind of like hey you’re lost lol. DRUM SOLO WAS FUCKING BADASS I LIKE BIT MY LIP THE ENTIRE TIME AND WAS LIKE DANCING AND HIM MOUTHING LIKE “LET ME GET READY TO DO MY THANG, DO MY THANG” Goddamnit probably one for the most hyped moments and it tore me apart ESPECIALLY considering I was way fucking closer than I thought. I only got to see Ellie’s last song because it was a really bad storm that turned out 1 hour and 45 minute trip into a 3 hour one so I lost time. I didn’t get to meet any of the people as planned because OSU was rude and locked their guest wifi. Overall I do have to say this is the best night of my life and I am in tears writing this post and I just wanna thank everyone for the love and awesome messages and stuff I got you are all so fucking awesome and I love each and every one of you and I love being a hooligan.. Bruno literally makes it so fucking worth it. There is literally so much that happened at this show but, I’m far to shaken by what I have wrote to tell you every single detail but I’m sure I’ll get around to it. Either way.. easily and I mean very easily the best night of my life. It still seems so fucking unreal, it was unbelievable.

Thank you so much for reading, you’re amazing.

July 11th, 2:21AM

On to the post concert depression…

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